two TRÅDRFRI controller on a wodden desk

TRÅDRFRI: two controllers for a group of lamps



By default, a group of lamps (or even a single lamp) can only be controlled by a single TRÅDRFRI controller. But in different situations, it would be better to have multiple controllers to control the lamps, e.g. on a long floor.

This scenario is not described by IKEA and therefore theoretically not supported. But wait… the following steps allow to create a “copy” of controller that can control the same group of lamps (or single lamp).

The starting point is: having a group of lamps or a single lamp paired with a TRÅDRFRI controller.

  1. Reset a new TRÅDRFRI controller (press the ? symbol on the back 4 times)
  2. Place the new and the existing controller next to each other
  3. Hold both of the ? symbol
    1. red light appears … hold the buttons
    2. red light switches off … paring finished
  4. Now it’s possible to use both controllers for the same group of lamps or single lamp



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