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Introducing Note to Self Mail: The New Key to Productivity


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According to the Harvard Business Review, your to-do list is too long. We’ve all experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with what we need to accomplish. While this may initially seem as though it may help our productivity, too many things to do actually harms our productivity. It causes a never-ending cycle of not feeling accomplished, a lack of focus, and ultimately, procrastination. But, what can we do to avoid these issues? Enter Note to Self Mail.

Note to Self Mail makes it easy to keep your focus on a single task while reducing the time it takes to write out your notes. This improves your productivity both in the sense of keeping your focus on a single task and reducing time spent composing that note. So, let’s take a deeper dive into how Note to Self Mail can improve your productivity.

Compose Notes in Record Times

With the Note to Self Mail app, you can compose notes and send them to your email in just five seconds. Classic mail applications take roughly 25 seconds to compose a single note. This results in a time savings of about 80%.

On top of saving time composing your notes, Note to Self Mail also allows you to send that note to multiple addresses, record audio messages, and attach photos, sketches, or files to your note. These features help you compose comprehensive notes in record times. So with Note to Self Mail, you’re never left scouring for that one piece of information you forgot to include in your notes that you need to accomplish your task. It even archives your notes for easy access to past information you may need at a later date.

Connects with the Top Productivity Apps

Through connecting with the top productivity apps such as Wunderlist, Trello, Evernote, Asana, and OmniFocus, you can create notes and to-do lists in these apps directly through Note to Self Mail. So, instead of having scattered notes across multiple apps and your email, you can maintain one central location for all of your notes and to-do list needs. You can also use this connection to tie notes to different projects you incorporate into these productivity apps for even more efficiencies.

Aside from offering the fastest method for composing notes, Note to Self Mail helps you stay more organized in your favorite productivity apps. If you’re looking to step up your productivity, Note to Self Mail is here to help!


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