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Note to Self Mail: edit notes from other apps using the new share extension


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The update of Note to Self Mail (1.14.0) adds a long requested share extension. This new extension helps you to edit contents from other apps before sending the note to your inbox. The extension is available on most of the share sheets, as it supports most of the share file types. If the extension is not available file type, please let me know.

The new share extension

screenshot of "Note to Self Mail" app share extension
iOS share dialog

The share extension has the same design as the main app, but with less complex input possibilities. It also uses the same settings as the main app: font size and the behavior of the sending button. For example, if you already use the “quick send” option of the main app, you will find the same behavior on the extension: a single tap sends your note to the first mail address. Long press the button to open the mail selector.

screenshot of "Note to Self Mail" app showing the share extension
Main view of the new Share extension

Improved behavior of audio recordings

Beside the simple text input, Note to Self Mail already supported audio recording for simple audio notes. The behavior of this feature has been improved in the latest version. Before the update, you had to hold the record button as long as you wish to record. This is fine for small devices like the iPhone. But for iPads, this is a little bit exhausting. In addition to the know behavior, you can start and stop the recording with single taps now.

To avoid endless recordings or data loss after you started the record, some additional adjustments have been made to automatically stop the record. This will happen when:

  • you lock your screen
  • the app is going to the background state (e.g. by pressing the home button or when a phone call comes in)
  • after a maximum recording time of 15 minutes

As Note to Self Mail is an app for small and fast notes, those “features” for automatically stopping the record should not influence your daily work with the app.

screenshot of "Note to Self Mail" app showing audio recording
Improved behavior of audio recordings

Hope this helps to make your notes faster and more structured 🙂

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