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Change default reading font in Outlook from Times New Roman to Calibri (or any other)



I use Outlook 2016 and some emails are shown in Times New Roman, even if the default font was set to Calibri. This is the case, when HTML mails do not have any CSS style. In this case, Outlook uses the default fall back font Times New Roman. It took me some time to realise that there is no setting for this in Outlook.

But: the related setting can be found in Word 2016 (yes, Word!).

To change the setting, open Word and go to:

File > Options > Advanced > General section > Web Options… > Fonts tab > Proportional font …

There you can change the setting with Times New Roman font to any other font. After the change you have to restart Outlook. Each unformated HTML mail should now be displayed in the selected font.

Photo by Federica Galli on Unsplash.


3 responses to “Change default reading font in Outlook from Times New Roman to Calibri (or any other)”

  1. you are my hero! 🙂

  2. This is amazing, thank you! I was getting really frustrated about this since my mails would always turn into Times New Roman when written from my mobile no matter what I did with Outlook’s default settings. I would not in a hundred years have thought to look for this in the Word-options!

    1. Mathias Lipowski Avatar
      Mathias Lipowski

      You are welcome! This also made me frustrated.

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