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LaTeX: how to insert a PDF file

You can insert a PDF file in LaTeX using the \includegraphics command from the graphicx package. The basic syntax is as follows:


Where “file.pdf” is the name of your PDF file. You can also specify options such as the width and height of the image, as well as its placement on the page.


You can also use the pdfpages package to include an entire pdf file in the document,


The pdfpages package

The pdfpages package allows you to include one or more pages from a PDF file in your LaTeX document. To use the package, you first need to add it to your preamble with the following command:


Once the package is loaded, you can use the \includepdf command to include a PDF file in your document. The basic syntax is as follows:


Where “file.pdf” is the name of the PDF file you want to include and “options” are any additional options you want to specify.

The most common option is the pages option, which allows you to specify which pages of the PDF file should be included in the document. For example, to include the first and second pages of a PDF file called “file.pdf”, you would use the following command:


You can also use - to include all the pages in the pdf file


Other options include fitpaper, fitwindow, noautoscale, angle, scale, offset, and pagecommand. You can use these options to control the size, rotation, and placement of the included PDF pages, as well as to add custom headers and footers to the included pages.

For more details and examples on how to use the pdfpages package, you can check the package documentation.