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JavaScript: simple code structure for libraries

The code of a JavaScript library might get very complex over time. This can be a problem for maintenance and expandability.

When writing a library, you should address two main points:

  • Keep the environment clean from global variables and methods to avoid conflicts between different libraries
  • Provide public and private methods and variables

The following “template” provides a simple code structure that fulfills those points:

// Unique name of the library.
MyLibrary = function() {
  MyLibrary = {};

   * Internal variables and methods
  var variable = 'value';
  function doSomething() {
    // do something

   * Public variables and methods
  MyLibrary.myVariable = true;
  MyLibrary.myAction = function() {
    // do something

  // Return the library.
  return MyLibrary;

You can use such a library the following way:

const lib = MyLibrary();

if (lib.myVariable) {

Inspiration: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/13606188/writing-a-library-what-structure

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash