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Note To Self: how to quickly create notes in Evernote

If you are using the mail import feature of Evernote, you can improve this behaviour with Note To Self Mail. The app creates notes in Evernote in seconds.

Setup Note To Self Mail for Evernote

1. Get your Evernote email address

[…] Your Evernote email address is a unique address you can use to save emails into Evernote and looks something like this: To find your Evernote email address, go to your account settings […] as described in documentation.

2. Add your Evernote email address to Note To Self Mail

Add this email address to Note To Self Mail. You can also set the label to “Evernote” or any other descriptive name.

Note To Self Mail > Settings > Add email …

3. Adjust the subject

Evernote uses the subject as a main source of a new note. Set the subject to “Use first line of note”. This ensures, that the first line is used as subject and all the other text lines are moved to the body of the note.

Note To Self Mail > Settings > Add email … > Subject


There are some shortcuts or special chars that can be used in the subject of the mail. All available features are described in Evernote’s documentation: How to save email into Evernote.

The simplest structure to create a note in Evernote is the following:

[Title of note] ![optional date for reminder] @[notebook] #[tag]

Sending a note with the following text …

… will appear in Evernote as a note …

You might notice, that the note got an alert (tomorrow) and was placed in the correct notebook and tagged with “home”. All the other contents of the input (line 2 up to the end) are moved to the notes body. That’s it!

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Note To Self: new features that make your notes even faster

Note To Self Mail

The latest update 1.10 introduces a lot of new features that make your notes even faster. This includes features that improve the usability and also reduce the size of the note.

One of the main improvements is the customizable toolbar. This allows a custom positioning of the most used actions above the keyboard. There are different actions available to add and manage attachments, open the archive or send the note.

To make the notes smaller (and therefore send them faster), images can now be resized for sending. For this, a fixed size can be set or (to make things more flexible) the size of the images can be selected before sending.

Additional new features are:

  • Customizable app icon: default, dark, light
  • Preview of the note contents in share extension
  • Spanish localization … hola!
  • Support dynamic font sizes

Beside this, a large number of minor issues on layout and functionality have been fixed:

  • Updated design to handle dark mode of iOS 13
  • Fixed cursor jumping during text editing
  • Fixed layout issues when changing from landscape to porttrait (and vise versa)
  • Action extension can now handle more content types
  • Characters < and > are now displayed correctly in the HTML version of the mail

Stay tuned, there are more new features to come in the next release!

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Note to Self Mail - The fastest app to send your ideas into your inbox. | Product Hunt