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CentOS 7 / RedHat 7 pxe boot fails with “ValueError: new value non-existent xfs filesystem is not valid as a default fs type”


When I tried to install a CentOS 7 server via pxe/netboot today, I encountered the following error:

ValueError: new value non-existent xfs filesystem is not valid as a default fs type

Pane is dead


Use kernel, initrd and distribution files of the same release/update version.


This has nothing to do with the filesystem but with a difference between the kernel / initrd used for booting and the rest of the distribution. We keep the kernel and initrd files for tftpboot in a different directory then the distribution files. The distribution files got updated but the vmlinuz and initrd.img files in the separate directory did not, causing this error.



Recently I tried to update the firmware of a Mellanox ConnectIB HCA. However, even trying to query the state of the hca was not possible:

> mstflint -d 81:00.0 q
-E- Cannot open Device: 81:00.0. No such device MFE_REG_ACCESS_FAILED

dmesg reported:

mlx5_ib: Mellanox Connect-IB Infiniband driver v1.0 (June 2013)
mlx5_ib 0000:81:00.0: setting latency timer to 64
mlx5_ib 0000:81:00.0: firmware version: 10.0.2410
mlx5_ib 0000:81:00.0: Driver cmdif rev(5) differs from firmware's(3)
mlx5_ib 0000:81:00.0: Failed initializing command interface, aborting
mlx5_ib: probe of 0000:81:00.0 failed with error -22

After removing Mellanox OFED rpms and installing the distributions mstflint rpm, I got a more helpful error message:

> mstflint -d 81:00.0 q
-W- Unknown dev id: 0xbadacce5
Warning: memory access to device 81:00.0 failed: No such device or address.
Warning: Fallback on IO: much slower, and unsafe if device in use.
-E- Can not open 81:00.0: Flash cache replacement is active.
-E- Please use the -override_cache_replacement option in order to access the flash directly.


mstflint -d 81:00.0 -override_cache_replacement  q

I was able to query the hca. The “-override_cache_replacement” flag also allowed to flash an up-to-date firmware.

Update 24.08.2015:

The -override_cache_replacement flag also helps when the following error is thrown:

[root@fry21 ~]# mstflint -d 01:00.0 q
-E- Cannot open Device: 01:00.0. No such device. MFE_MAD_SEND_ERR